ico-en-pb You can reach the pass of the Annunciata in half an hour on foot from San Biagio and it was located on the ridge next to Camporosso. It is one of the places spoke of in the “Angel of Avrigue”, where the protagonist walks by a small church.

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ico-en-pb The pass of the Annunciata and the church of the same name are located on the ridge which separates the Crosia valley from the Nervia valley, through the ancient path to Camporosso. Linking paths to Santa Croce and Perinaldo start here too. Gregory and the good priest in the “Angel of Avrigue” arrive there from the village, and there they rest before the journey to the cliff where Jean Pierre fell. For those who come from the village, and for Biamonti as well, it is a door which opens the sight to France and on the south-western Alps, a place where the wind usually shakes pine and olive trees but it can also be quiet and motionless at times.


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