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ico-en-pb This boulder actually exists, the “Ball of the Devil” is located on the ridge not very far from the church of the Annunziata. In the novel the boulder has been moved on the top of Santa Croce, according to the poetic geography of Francesco which is not perfectly realistic.

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ico-en-pb The Ball of the Devil is a big, nearly-spheric rock located on the summit before the cliff of Santa Croce. According to the legend the Devil and the Lord passed each other the big rock ad a ball between the two valley ridges. In the modern days they put a small shrine on this rock, which has been removed now. Here it happened one of the typical translocations, that is a changement of positions in literature, as well as changements of names, places and things made by Francesco Biamonti. That’s why the Ball of the Devil is transferred on top of Santa Croce for narrative purposes.

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