Pila del corvo

ico-en-pb“The Crow’s Pond” is one of the most beautiful places depicted by Francesco. This place was described as almost “lunar” and it is located beyhond the cliff, on the top of Santa Croce. It is a sort of den made out of bushes and many rocks. Among those rocks there’s a big, concave one in which the water of the rain gathered, and there’s often water even in summer. It is called “the Crow’s Pond” because the farmers imagined that crows went there to quench.

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ico-en-pb The southern side of Santa Croce, also called Rock of Crovairole, is come kind of small, barren plane descending towards the sea, a landscape that Biamonti described as “lunar”, a mediterranean scrubland. One concave-shaped rock there gathers rain water, sometimes even in summer, and it takes the name of “Pila del Corvo” (The Crow’s Pond”)

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