ico-en-pb San Biagio, like many other villages of the ligurian hinterland, lived first on the development of floriculture and then viticulture and olive growing. Vineyards were located in the more sunlit upper side near the ridge between San Biagio and Soldano. These vineyards of Posaù actually exist: nowadays there still are some fine wine producers. Here Francesco imagines that the ligurian countryside is getting abandoned by the old men because the vineyards are too far and hard to reach.

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ico-en-pb  The tall vineyards of San Biagio, along the ridge that leads to Perinaldo, Posaù, Pinella, Luvaira. One of the last bottles of ruddy wine which tastes of sun and rock. Vineyards afar, reached in the old days through paths on foot or with mules. A rock to rest on and then the incumbent abandonment maybe with a fate.

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