Uliveto Biamonti

ico-en-pb  The ligurian land is rich of olive groves. In the novel we can read about the olive grove of Cian de Cui, near which he often spent part of his day. Francesco admired olive groves which he defined “half dream, half trees”, a sort of reincarnation of Minerva. He gave many definition of the olive groves. He imagined a sort of conversation with them, there’s often some kind of prayer between man and olive grove.

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ico-en-pb  The olive grove of Biamonti, in the countryside of Cian de Cui, the most representative of Biamonti’s landscapes, the “en plein air” walks, the reflections, the gaze upon nature and things, and the occasional agricultural work, the care about the silver wattle, and the citrus fruits. The olive grove painted by Ennio Morlotti, the painter friend, and beloved by Giulio Einaudi, the vineyard of the Rossese, the small woods of pine trees and bay oaks after the small flow of water, the arbutus, the dominating cliff of Santa Croce nearby.

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